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Shortly after America was attacked on 911, a very small 5th Special Forces Group deployed to Afghanistan and led the Northern Alliance in defeating a much larger Taliban force – in only two months.

How? By force multiplication.

In military-speak, a "force multiplier" is a combination of factors that dramatically multiplies the effectiveness of a military force which can give a smaller force the ability to take on a larger force.

Our guys won by:

  1. Quickly assessing the ground truth – the unvarnished reality of what was actually happening on the ground.
  2. Synthesizing the analysis of all available intel
  3. Developing a uniquely-positioned strategic battle plan – a plan that placed them in the very best possible position to win.
  4. Aggressively executing the plan by calling in the overwhelming firepower of the U.S. Air Force B52 bombers.

This victory would not have been possible without the force multiplication delivered through the combination of their unique training, experiences, and skills along with the of rigorous analysis of the battlefield, the dynamic synthesis of the information, a bold strategy for how to win, and decisive execution.

Boldmore Force Multiplication

When it Comes to Business, We Are Your Force Multiplier

We are a Special Forces team of business advisors that work with businesses that range from $10m to $200m+ in Revenue and that are looking for assistance with a growth strategy, growth capital, transitioning to the next generation, or planning for the maximum exit. We serve all business types across all industries across the U.S. in a variety of roles or combination of roles that best suits the client's goals, including: advisors and thought partners, board members, investors, and fractional members of the management team (full or part-time, permanent or temporary).

We are Wade Myers (Army Ranger veteran and Harvard MBA) and Gene Blanton (Marine veteran and leadership advisor to Fortune 500 companies), the partners that run Boldmore Growth Partners, and we have the unique training, experiences and skills which will help you win the fight. Wade is pure genius at analysis, synthesis, and strategy, while Gene is a master integrator that can execute even the most complex transformational growth strategy.

We've sat in your seat. We are highly-experienced serial entrepreneurs, investors, speakers, and authors. We've started, grown, invested in, acquired, and sold numerous businesses. And we've also made lots of mistakes that we can help you avoid, while dramatically growing your company.

You want rock-solid, strategic advice that’s on-target. From guys that get it, that have been there and done that, rather than from a business "coach" that has never actually started, grown, and sold a successful business. You need someone that's been in the battle, rather than a coach that just watched a few war movies.

As in the Special Forces illustration above, we get in the fight with you by:

Boldmore Force Multiplication Explanation

  1. Rigorous Analysis: Quickly assessing the ground truth – the unvarnished reality of what was actually happening on the ground. We provide this by starting with rigorous analysis in the following areas:
    • Battlefield Intelligence Analysis – How is your company currently strategically positioned in the marketplace battlefield? Our Battlefield Intelligence analysis is a thorough analysis of the future potential of your company based upon its current strategic positioning using numerous strategic drivers that span your company’s industry/market dynamics, your company’s operational practices, your company's financial performance, your company’s offerings, and your company’s go-to-market process and customer relationship dynamics. This analysis is then updated monthly in a Situation Report (SITREP) to ensure we stay in touch with the changing dynamics of the marketplace in which you compete.
    • Performance Analysis – What is the unvarnished reality of how your company is performing? Our Performance Analysis is a detailed analysis of the historical financial and operational performance of your company, the overall trends of your company’s performance, a benchmark analysis of your company compared to its industry peers and competitors, scores of financial ratios and key metrics analyses, and - importantly - a Valuation Analysis, a comprehensive analysis of the valuation of your company based on mergers and acquisitions comparables in your industry, the typical deal structures, the key valuation drivers, and a forward forecast of expected future valuation of your business based upon current growth rates. (Most valuation studies cost $10k - $25k or more, but we've built a highly-automated, yet detailed analysis to keep the cost down). This analysis is then updated monthly in a Situation Report (SITREP) to ensure we carefully track your growth and improvement along all key dimensions to help you win on the battlefield.
    • Opportunity Analysis - What is the unvarnished reality of what it takes for your company to win? Our Opportunity Analysis is a comprehensive analysis of how your business can dramatically improve its performance and how to maximize the opportunities to win given the conditions of the battlefield and the current performance.
  1. Dynamic Synthesis: Combining and synthesizing the analysis through a Situational, Experiential, Pattern, and Best Practices synthesis process that generates new insight into the potential winning strategies to pursue.
  2. Bold Strategy: Developing a uniquely-positioned, bold strategic battle plan – a plan that places you in the very best possible position to win. Just like he transformed entire industries while at the Boston Consulting Group and just like he grew his own companies and investments dramatically (examples: from startup to $40m in annual revenue in 24 months, from startup to $6.2m in revenue in 12 months, and from startup to the #5 company in an entire industry out of 6,500 competitors in fifteen years), Wade will help you create a uniquely-positioned strategic battle plan with an overwhelming force multiplication strategy.
  3. Decisive Execution: Executing the plan by calling in the overwhelming firepower. Once we are in the fight with you to transform your company, we tap into our special forces team of data analysts, strategy experts, CPAs, subject matter experts, and other advisors. We log into our proprietary software, where we stream in up-to-date intel from the marketplace, your competitors, your potential customers, your potential investors and buyers, etc. Just like he led the execution of building television towers up to 2,000 feet in the air with his first company, led a client from one location to 150 locations in under three years, and just like he was called into Fortune 500 companies such as John Hancock Life to develop their leaders, Gene can help to execute the strategy – without disrupting your current operations.

Boldmore Growth Strategy Framework

We Are Not Cocky, but We Are Confident

We are really good at this. We have a knack for clarifying the issues, developing breakthrough insight, and implementing the strategic transformation necessary for you to win the war in your marketplace. 

Our numbers and our clients tell the story…


ROI on Boldmore fees - our clients enjoy an average increase of Equity Value of their business that is 49.3 times higher than the total fees paid to Boldmore in the same time period over the life of the client relationship.

Why wouldn't you engage somebody that has the kind of experience Boldmore has? They help you avoid the pitfalls that are out there that you may not even see that could slow down your growth. We're all looking for ways to get there faster and more profitably. And they are the kind of partner that can help you get there.
Bob M.
Serial entrepreneur for 20+ years, CEO of a construction firm in the $25m - $50m size range



Higher annual earnings growth - our clients have an average earnings growth rate of 4.2 times faster than their competitors in their same industry as measured by the average for their NAICS peer group.

Boldmore has systematized the kind of big consulting, high transformational high valued solutions that typically only large enterprises can afford. They’ve put all their expertise and wisdom from their past work into a package that small businesses can afford. So we're getting Boston Consulting Group quality at an attractive price.
Bryce F.
- CEO & Founder of an IT and software consulting firm in the <$5m size range



Higher annual revenue growth - our clients have an average revenue growth rate of 3.1 times faster than their competitors in their same industry as measured by the average for their NAICS peer group.


Average annual earnings and valuation growth - our clients have an average growth in their Equity Value of 2.1 times each year because of the dramatic growth in revenue, earnings, and the transformation of the business model using a force multiplication strategy.

They are very bright guys. They understand the needs of business, how to maximize value, how to build the right culture, and how to get companies where they want to go. The impact? From a revenue standpoint, we grew 33% last year and earnings are way up.
Randy E.
- CEO of a 50-year-old B2B services firm in the $25m to $50m size range


Let's See if We Are a Fit...

We are in the business of helping winners become champions - not trying to turn losers into winners. We are looking for good entrepreneurs with good companies with the potential to win bigIf you are a decisive and dynamic leader, we will love working with you.

However, if you are already the smartest person in the room, won’t listen, can’t execute, or have a broken business model you think can be solved with more growth or capital – we will not be a good fit.

Myers Wade Photo

Wade: "My method of operation whenever I engage with a client is as follows: 1) I look for opportunities to maximize their situation, 2) I spend time going deep on research and analysis, 3) I look for ways to create a unique strategy or approach, 4) I work on solving the problems that stand in the way, and finally, 5) I develop a strategic plan to make a dramatic improvement over the status quo. I then hand it over to Gene, because I know he can execute any plan."



Gene PhotoGene: "I'm drawn to a unique mission with a high calling, and that’s why Wade and I fit so well together. Once he’s developed a uniquely better strategy, my process is as follows: 1) I seek to fully understand and communicate that mission to our client, 2) I enjoy building, leading, and motivating the client’s team to accomplish the mission, 3) I work together with the client team to overcome any obstacles, and finally 4) I am highly-motivated to accomplish the mission with the team, resulting in a dramatic improvement for the client."

Free 45-Minute Recon

Military engagements start with recon (reconnaissance) -  a preliminary survey to gain information or intel. Let’s get some intel on the challenges you are facing. In just 45 minutes we can target key strengths and weaknesses and we’ll suggest definitive next steps for you to take – with or without us.

We’ll give you straight-forward ideas that you can execute.

How it Works:

  • You fill in our survey to give us some context and background (you will see the form when you book your call)
  • We review your survey input
  • We have a fast-paced and engaging conversation on Skype.
  • During our time together, we will be able to show you how you stand compared to your competitors across the U.S. and we will pinpoint a few of your next moves to grow your business.
  • If you have specific, burning questions, now’s the time to ask. Examples:
    • “I need more capital to grow my business – what is the best way to go about that?”
    • “I have a long-term, loyal employee I’d like to include at an ownership level. How do I accomplish that, while protecting myself if they leave?”
    • “How do I find out how much my business is worth?”
  • Within a few days of our call you will receive:
    • Our recorded call. (Plus a handy transcript - no need for frantic note-taking)
    • A clear list of the action items we discussed
    • Our recommendations for how we can team with you to help you move forward

We guarantee you: on a worst-case scenario, you will leave the call knowing more than you did before you got on the call.

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