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OUR PROCESS COMBINES software, consulting frameworks, 3rd party data, and advisory services


We Are Your Partner in Building Value...


Common Purpose:

Our common purpose as business owners is to grow the value of our companies for the benefit of God’s purposes, our families, our employees, our customers, our communities, and other stakeholders

Leaving a Legacy:

The more valuable owners are to the day-to-day operations of their business, the less valuable - and more vulnerable - the business. A company will be a legacy of the owner’s leadership. Whether or not leaders are developed that can run the company without the owner, has an enormous impact on the current value and future viability of the firm.



...But the Challenge is Significant


Growing a Successful Business is Difficult:

  • Many businesses are stagnant:
    • Lack a growth strategy
    • Lack awareness of true market positioning
    • Lack a detailed growth methodology
    • Lack a full understanding of their growth enablers
  • Many businesses lack a strategic roadmap to build equity value:
    • Where are you?
    • Where do you want to go?
    • What does it take to get there?
  • Many businesses lack an overarching growth-oriented doctrine and culture:
    • Common purpose
    • Common language
    • Common decision-making model
  • Many businesses are under-resourced:
    • Lack information and insight to quantify and prioritize effort
    • Lack time
    • Lack sufficient capital
    • Lack a skilled team
  • Many business owners lack financial literacy:
    • Lack high-quality and informative financial reports
    • Lack the proper interpretation of the results
    • Lack a clear set of key performance indicators
    • Lack a clear understanding of working capital dynamics
    • Lack prescriptive guidance on specific action steps to improve
    • Lack awareness of the current equity value and how to grow it

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Weak financial literacy may be the single biggest reason

small businesses don’t succeed

- Small business study performed by Intuit


Trillions of dollars of business wealth is about to be sold and transferred over the next five to ten years...

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...but business owners are ill-equipped to sell their businesses and maximize their value

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The overwhelming majority of small business owners

create zero equity...you spend a lifetime building a company

only to discover, when it is time to sell, it is worthless

- George Gendron, former Editor in Chief, Inc. Magazine


Our Expert Advisory Services...

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...And Our Proprietary Software

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...Help Our Clients Achieve High-Performance Results


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